Dedicated Circuits

Dedicated CircuitsWhen troubleshooting a dedicated circuit, the more information and isolation that can be done, the easier to figure out the problem. Below are some basic troubleshooting steps to consider if you are having any issues with your dedicated circuit.


  • If the circuit is down, Make sure to power cycle your router and any other equipment that might be in between the router and your computer.
  • Test the circuit with a computer directly connected to the router. This will eliminate possible other equipment issues.
  • If your router has Alarm lights, note those lights when contacting our Support Center.
  • When calling our Support Center, it is best to have a tech or person onsite that can help troubleshoot the problem with our Support technician
  • If you believe you are having a speed issue, test speeds with the ISOMEDIA speed test server at:
  • If you can do ping and traceroutes to a destination IP address and send them to support, that can be helpful to determine where on the internet there might be a problem.
If these steps don't fix your issues, please contact our Support Center

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