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Dedicated Wireless Point to Point Internet - Speeds from 2Mbps to 50Mbps
ISOMEDIA’s Wireless Point to Point connectivity solution is a state-of-the-art broadband wireless access solution that delivers high-speed Internet and Wide Area Network access to business of all sizes. Our wireless solution is a high-performance alternative to terrestrial-based wired networks including T1s, DS-3, ADSL and cable modems. Our dedicated wireless solution gives us the ability to quickly deploy our network in areas that don’t have another option, or that have only one terrestrial option for connectivity, all that is needed is a line of sight to one of our wireless access points.

Wireless Installation

Our network employs wireless packet switching technology, significantly more appropriate for Internet Protocol (IP) services than traditional circuit switching technology. Statistical multiplexing traffic over the air allows us to maximize the number of subscribers per cell without sacrificing bandwidth. As cells become more congested, we simply add more cells, layer upon layer, without a service interruption. This ability to add bandwidth to the network on demand allows our wireless network to grow as our subscriber base grows without starving our customers for bandwidth like cable or ADSL networks.

The technology and frequencies used by ISOMEDIA’s wireless antennas requires a clear path between antennas. This is called Radio Line of Sight, or LOS. Line of sight is the direct free-space path that exists between two points. Using binoculars on a clear day, it is easy to determine if visual line of sight exists between two points that are miles apart. To have a clear line of sight there must be no obstructions between the two locations. Often this means that the observation points must be high enough to allow the viewer to see over any ground-based obstructions.

Typical obstructions that might obscure a visual link include topographic features, such as hills or mountains, buildings and other man-made objects, the curvature of the Earth, and trees or other vegetation. If any of these obstructions rise high enough to block the view from end to end, there is no visual line of sight. ISOMEDIA’s wireless engineers can quickly determine if any line of sight issues exist and determine a solution that will mitigate the problem and get your business connected.

ISOMEDIA’s wireless Internet antennas operate in various radio frequency ranges. Many of these frequency ranges have been reserved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for industrial, scientific and medical use (ISM). The wireless networking products ISOMEDIA uses have been designed to meet or exceed the safety requirements and recommendations of these regulatory agencies and standards committees. These products are independently tested and can only be sold after receiving FCC Class B Device and FCC Part 15.247 certification. Our professional engineers will ensure that the equipment is installed and fully tested on your site to ensure proper connectivity and the best speeds possible.

ISOMEDIA’s Wireless Point to Point solution can get your business connected fast and with the same speed you expect from a business dedicated circuit. Our Point to Point Wireless solution is faster and is less expensive than DSL and T1s; with wireless speeds ranging from 128Kbps up to 50Mbps (a T1 is 1.5Mbps). DSL connections are limited to the copper wire in use by the telephone company (Telco), making them less efficient and more expensive to implement. ISOMEDIA owns its entire wireless network so there is no provisioning through a third party company. ISOMEDIA delivers a truly independent, direct wireless connection to the Internet.

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