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Save over $80/year with bundled services from ISOMEDIA!

 Digital Home Bundle

INCLUDED: Blazing Fast DSL!
To really use the Internet's potential, you need broadband speed. Unlock the Internet's potential with blazing fast ISOMEDIA DSL. Talk while you surf at the same time! Download music and photos in seconds, watch streaming movies, get constantly updated sports scores and news updates in real time.

At full speed, ISOMEDIA DSL is nearly 25 times faster than your old dial-up modem. In addition, the connection is "always on," so you never have to wait to dial in, you'll never get a busy signal, and you can use your existing phone lines - no wiring required! A $49.95/month value   Learn More »

INCLUDED: TrueRing Home Phone Service
When unlimited long distance to the U.S and Canada is included in a phone plan, all you need is a comfortable couch to kick off the conversation. ISOMEDIA's TrueRing gives you over 14 features that make it easier than ever to keep in touch with both personal and business associates across the US and Canada. Whether you need to get on a conference call with your sales team in New York or get the family included on a three-way call to decide on a vacation spot, TrueRing makes it easy to call without burning your cell phone minutes or incurring expensive long distance charges. A $24.95/month value   Learn More »

INCLUDED: Domain Name & Personal Web Hosting
ISOMEDIA Personal Hosting is the perfect solution for your blog, family, or club web site. ISOMEDIA Personal Hosting comes standard with all the features and tools you’ll want to make your presence on the web the best it can be. You can manage all aspects of your site using the ISOMEDIA Control Panel, and you can use the QuickBuild plugins to quickly deploy new site content and features. ISOMEDIA hosting accounts are hosted on a shared Linux server and come with a free domain name (a $9.95 value) so you don’t need to worry about buying anything else. A $24.99/year value   Learn More »

Internet, Home Phone & Personal Hosting only $69.95