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Circuit Multiplier

Circuit Multiplier SignupISOMEDIA’s circuit multiplier allows you to exceed the limits of a single DSL, or T-1, circuit. Our technology combines multiple broadband circuits into a single connection to the Internet. Many corporations, small businesses and home users are finding that their Broadband connection does not give them the speed that they need.

Until now Broadband speed has been limited by the quality and distance of the carrier’s lines to your home or business. That has changed - with ISOMEDIA’s circuit multiplier technology; you can double or triple your speed!

How does it work?
Our circuit multiplier service links multiple broadband circuits to increase the available Internet speed. The modems for each of these circuits are connected to a special router. It then combines the capacity of the attached modems to increase your speed. ISOMEDIA currently offers solutions for combining up to four Broadband circuits.

What speed should I expect?
Approximately 20% of the capacity of each circuit is expended during the bonding process, so combining two circuits increases your current speed by about 80% - almost double! With three circuits you should see an increase of about 160% and combining four circuits more than triples your current speed! For example, if the maximum service that can be delivered to your home or business by your current provider is up to 1.5/896 service, you may be actually receiving about 1.2/720. Combining four 1.5/896 circuits would then increase your speed by 320%, giving you up to 3.8/2.3mbps. Circuits bond to the one with the lowest speed, so best results are achieved when all circuits are the same speed.

What does it cost?
Costs include ISOMEDIA’s low monthly fee for the circuit
multiplier service, a one-time setup fee plus the cost of
the circuits being bonded. Signing up for two or three
years decreases, and guarantees, the price for a
longer period of time.

Circuit Multiplier Service Pricing
# of circuits
What's Included
2 Circuit Multiplier
Includes hardware for 2 circuits, & Multiplier service.
3 Circuit Multiplier
Includes hardware for 3 circuits & Multiplier service.
4 Circuit Multiplier
Includes hardware for 4 circuits & Multiplier service.

Note: Circuit Multiplier service pricing does not include circuit cost.

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